On Android, there's an SMS Limit that prevents a new message from being sent after a certain amount of messages have been sent in a certain period. Due to a personal need, I need to send more than the limit by unlocking it.

I already tried downloading apps from the Play Store that unlock SMS but no luck, although I completed the required prerequisites, seems like it's not working on Marshmallow. I also tried using ADB command, but the Settings.db was not found in provider settings.

How to unlock the SMS limit on Android Marshmallow?


This method work on a non-rooted phone, I use it on Android 7/8:

  1. On the phone, install Settings Database Editor and open it
  2. On the PC, install the driver for your phone, then connect to the phone using a USB cable
  3. Download this zip file containing a folder with minimal ADB and extract it to a folder
  4. Open a command prompt and browse to the extracted directory
  5. Type adb devices to check if the phone has been detected by the PC. If the status is "unauthorized", a pop-up should appear on the phone, accept it to allow ADB to communicate with it
  6. Type

    adb shell pm grant by4a.setedit22 android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

    to allow the app to overwrite Android settings

  7. Restart the phone

  8. Open the app and add a new setting in these categories: system, secure, global. Push "+Add new settings" button on the top, then input sms_outgoing_check_max_count with value 99999
  9. Restart the phone

And now you can send a lot of messages.

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