I want to fix it so the home button long press kills a particular app. I can't see the option for home long press in Tasker or Macrodroid.

Galaxy S5, rooted, CM Marshmallow, Xposed installed.

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    Xposed Additions allows modifying long-press behaviour, but executing more complicated actions is a bit out of it...
    – Andy Yan
    Aug 22 '17 at 7:43
  • Additions can execute Tasker actions, so this gets me close. However, tasker won't kill the app successfully
    – Ne Mo
    Aug 23 '17 at 20:25

Macrodroid doesn't offer an action based on home key trigger. Macrodroid developer in app forums says

It's impossible to create such a trigger because the home button is a fundamental part of the OS and there is no way to intercept the button press.

I don't know Tasker, but guess the same limitations would apply, so you would need to find an alternative way. One method below:

Since you are on CM, you can use Gravity Box Xposed module

To kill foreground app

Navigation keys action → Home key → long press action → Kill foreground application

To kill a particular app - combination of Gravity Box and Macrodroid

Navigation keys action → Home key → long press action → Custom actions → toggle applications to reveal shortcuts → Macrodroid Shortcuts → Add new macro

Trigger → Empty Trigger

Action : Kill application → choose application from drop down menu

  • If your ROM offers you navigation bar, you can add a custom key from navigation bar tweaks and assign similarly
    – beeshyams
    Aug 22 '17 at 9:43

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