I Need to unlock the bootloader of my Sony xperia m2 dual. It's currently in stock. As soon as I connected my device in fastboot mode by pressing volume up button and connecting the USB cable my device illuminates with blue light which indicates that the device is connected in fastboot mode When I tried to update the fastboot driver by right clicking the s1 Boot fastboot and clicking the update driver option and by selecting the browser my computer option and when I select the usb-driver from google folder , it's showing error that Windows found the driver but encountered an error while installing the driver. Its also showing error that the hash for the file is not presented at the specified location or the file is appear to be victim of tampering. My system is Lenovo IdeaPad 300 with Windows 10 64 bit My device is Sony xperia m2 dual. Kindly help me friends., Thank you.


Use the fastboot drivers bundled with Flashtool.

Additionally, those drivers aren't properly signed. Disable Windows driver signature enforcement as shown here, reboot, then install the driver. Note that you are also advised to turn it back on after you're done.

  • Thanks Andy. Will it creates any other problem to my laptop? – Arun Aug 27 '17 at 2:16
  • @Arun It shouldn't as long as you turn it off after. – Andy Yan Aug 27 '17 at 7:01

Had the same problem with my XZ2Compact -- the device would work unter Win7 properly, would be available for adb devices, but would not show up via fastboot.

As I learned in Sergey's comment in the according thread:

"...phone presents different device identifiers to the computer in these modes..."

The Google USB driver would not work for me. But on Sony's drivers listing you'll find the Fastboot driver. It's a tiny android_winusb.inf file (in fact, just a modified *.inf file that enables Fastboot support), copy it to the Google ...\usb_driver\ folder, replace the one in there.

Then, update the device's driver in Windows Device Manager as you did, picking the modified driver folder. You should be able to pick devices like Android ADB Interface or Android Bootloader Interface then.

As this driver combination isn't signed, Windows will warn you several times or ask for permission -- but as it's the files from the official Sony and Google site, you should still be fine. Worked for me!

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