On desktop PC, there are great apps / Chrome addons such as Gorgias that allows to write abc <TAB> and this will be automatically expanded into a long text, thus saving many keypresses.

On Android, there is Texpand app that does mostly this, by using accessibility features of Android.

Problem: it works when writing a SMS, but this doesn't work in text fields on web pages (for example in Chrome, while using gmail.com). (the Texpand FAQ item 3 says it doesn't work and I can confirm).

Sadly this is exactly where such an add on would be the most useful: to write emails faster on phone.

Question: how to have text expansion on Android in Gmail?

  • For the reasons mentioned in FAQ, it is unlikely any other app can do this. It may be better to use clipboard apps that float like this or other similar apps – beeshyams Aug 30 '17 at 4:19
  • Thanks @beeshyams. Something I don't understand: as Texpand uses accessibility features, it happens directly at the (relatively) low-level keyboard input layer, and not at the app layer? Then why is a keyboard accessibility feature dependent of the app or type of input box? Whenever an Android keyboard is displayed, the accessibility feature should be enabled, right? – Basj Aug 30 '17 at 6:23

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