I'm using two Tencent apps. One of them likes accessing /sdcard/tencent and the other likes /sdcard/Tencent. Somehow the /data/media/0/Tencent folder is empty and /sdcard/Tencent has exactly the same contents as /sdcard/tencent, so they worked fine for a while.

Recently I did something unrelated but eats a lot of RAM, and most of the background apps were shut down including the two mentioned above. To my surprise, /sdcard/Tencent was no longer mapped to /sdcard/tencent but they have reversed! I checked /data/media/0/tencent and everything that was there is still there, but /data/media/0/Tencent is no longer empty.

A reboot has a chance(!!) to fix the issue. Now I would like to know the cause of this strange behavior, and a possible solution.

I quickly merged Tencent into tencent in /data/media/0 and created an empty file, and to my surprise /sdcard/Tencent is still showing up as a directory, not the file.


I have a dirty fix but I still want a better solution.

Just delete the unwanted variant and re-create it, then both names would be mapped to the other (desired) one. However, this needs to be done once per reboot.

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