I have a one plus 3T Oxygen 4.1.7.

I can no longer download/update apps on the Playstore without wifi, I used to be able to until I accidentally checked to always download over wifi only.

Here are the things I tried to fix it.

I've already changed : Play Store > Settings > Auto-update apps to Auto-update apps at any time. Data charges may apply.

I've also changed Settings > Google > Data Management > Update Drive-enabled app files - Over wifi or cellular.

I've uninstalled play store then reinstall as well as . I've restarted multiple times after each of the above steps. So far nothing works.



Earlier i was facing the similar issue. But later i find the solution by own. If you are trying to update or download any app and selected the setting auto update over WiFi than you need to go to my app and update buttons where you will see many app standing in a line for update . You need to cancel the downloading by clicking on cross sign after that you will see a update button next to the app. Now your app is ready for update without any WiFi. Thanks Vaibhav


Clear Data this apps:

Google Play Store Google Play Services Settings

one of this apps may contain the data that prevents your device to have additional charges. But I'm not really sure if this will work.. The Very Best solution I know is to reformat your device to clear all the settings you entered therein.


I had the same problem where I was unable to download any system update or apps, apps from Google play store without Wifi. Even the appa from MI app could not be downloaded. I found out that I had restricted data usage on the Downloads app from both the sim cards.

Go to Settings> Apps> manage apps> Downloads> Restrict data usage. Check both data services.


I also have faced this issue when my phone did format and I found solution as follows:

Settings - Manage Apps (this is my phone. It may vary displaying name like apps, app settings, etc.) - Google Play Services - Clear Data... and then.. Google Play Store - Clear Data..

After clearing data from both it's okay to use as I like to...

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