I have lost my phone and got a new one. Unfortunately I did not backup my WhatsApp. There is a chat session held between me and someone else which is very dear to me. I have this person's phone. I wonder if I can restore this chat on my phone through that other person's phone. Thanks.

  • Good question. I don't believe it is possible since AFAIK database backups are signed with an account specific key. – SarpSTA Aug 31 '17 at 20:43

The easiest would be to use the 'email chat' option. This would send you a copy of the conversation to your email.

Open the chat on your friends phone, Press on the menu on the top right>more>email chat. Put in your email address, and you will have a copy of the conversation.

There is no way to port the conversation over to WhatsApp and make it appear as if you never lost it. Unless you have a backup.

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