trying to install the ARCore apk using adb on my S8+. Enabled USB debugging.

Used powershell on E:\Users\black\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools

then used ./adb shell to get 127|dream2lte:/

but when i run adb install -r -d arcore-preview.apk it gives the following error /system/bin/sh: adb: not found.

any help will be appreciated, cheers!


The issue was trying to run the command

adb install -r -d arcore-preview.apk

after having ran

adb shell

from Powershell. The latter command, in fact, places the user inside Android's own shell environment, as one can discern from 127|dream2lte:/, which means that user 127 is currently logged in to the device dream2lte, and the working directory is Android's root /.

The solution was to run the first command only, entirely omitting the adb shell instruction, as the former is supposed to be issued from Powershell itself, which can be seen from the adb install portion of the instruction.

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