With the recent announcement of stickers for Google's keyboard I decided to try it and installed the NBAmoji, which states in the information:

You can share emojis across social media, messaging apps (where the copying and pasting of images and GIFS is supported) or install them as a keyboard on your device (see settings for instructions).

After opening the app I don't see anything of use in the settings (top right three dots) menu, which only lists:

  • Using BNAmoji (useless dialog without information)
  • NBA app (url to google play store)
  • Privacy Policy
  • Push Notifications

When I try Gboard's settings I don't see either any option to select NBAmoji as the keyboard, and it doesn't show up in the emoji keyboard or language choice.

Is the app just not working? Does it require a special app supporting some Gboard feature that others like Telegram or Whatsapp don't?


You must implement Firebase appIndexing for your application


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