the oukitell U22 is a new smarphone my elder sister got for me, i have been trying to root it, tried frameroot apk and others ...please help

here is the spec Oukitell U22 Specs

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Your device has a Mediatek Chipset (MT6581A). You can try the Kingoroot app version or the desktop version. If it fails you'll need to try MTK Droid Tools Follow the steps below (From MTK Droid Tools site, with some modifications).

  • Download MTK Droid Tools here.
  • Download the drivers (from the same link scroll down the page).
  • On your phone go to Go to “Settings” > “Developer options” > check “USB Debugging”. If you don't find the Developer options, go to About > tap 7 times on Build then go back to Settings you should now see the Developer options.
  • Connect the phone to the computer. Should install drivers. If not install the drivers from the above link.
  • Now run MTK Tools as administrator (Right click > Run as Administrator).
  • MTK Tools should detect the phone and display device infos at the left side.
  • Click “Root” at the bottom. You must grant any authorization when the phone prompts for.
  • A progress bar should appear and becomes gradually green.
  • Click “Backup” and create a backup before rooting.
  • Whne the backup process completes, click “To prepare blocks for flash Tool”. Follow the instructions that appear on the display and MTK Droid Tools will start rooting your MediaTek.
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