i need to restore old messages from a year and a half ago that i have the files of but everytime i load it onto the phone it does not load those messages, can anyone help me? it is also no longer the same phone... S5 to S6

  • Isn't there an online backup of whatsapp files? Like in Google drive? If not, you're in trouble. – Wrichik Basu Sep 6 '17 at 15:19

A year and half? I don't think you can do that because WhatsApp changed the encryption system of messages a couple of months ago.

Below is my WhatsApp message backup. enter image description here


I don't know how to put it. But I realized something. My friend and I used to exchange phones. At one time after i use his phone and remove his WhatsApp account to mine, though different numbers, WhatsApp gives me the option to restore backup from drive or SD. When I skip the drive and choose SD, it restores my friend's messages and media to my account and they are visible.. So I think if you have the backup file you can put it in the right WhatsApp directory and get everything going

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