I need to get a bunch of WhatsApp contacts off my phone. However, I can't see anything on the screen. The phone still works. I tried to get it into debugging through USB mode but I can't see anything and is pretty much impossible.

I need a way to either mirror the phone to PC without being able to interact with the device or retrieve all my WhatsApp contacts via USB.

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There is an application through which you can control the screen over USB and adb called ADB control. Follow the link to install and use it. Then you backup contacts to your phone/google account once you have control.

Source: http://marian.schedenig.name/2014/07/03/remote-control-your-android-phone-through-adb/


Do you have USB debugging enabled on your device?

Droid@Screen allows seeing the screen output and also interacting.

Though it's slow but could help you out.

  • thats the issue i cant activate debugging through usb without being able to see what im doing. i tried a chrome app called Vysor, it doesnt pickup my phone even when plugged into usb. Sep 8, 2017 at 17:17

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