I often find myself missing the option of "Inspect element" in Android version of the popular web browsers. Do you happen to know any alternatives or workarounds that you could implement to have access this option?

There is of course the line below but that returns all of the page source and not the interesting parts.


You can use Dago Browser (Web Inspector). It allows you to inspect webpages and works flawlessly on my MIUI8.

From its description,

Dago Browser is a web browser with web inspector that can be opened by swipe right from a web browser page and choosing Inspect Element. Once open, it highlights the node on the page as it is selected in the hierarchy. [...]


You can connect your phone to a PC or Mac and inspect the device from there. For example if you have Chrome open on your device and you connect it to a PC, open Chrome on the PC and from the development tools you can click on the three dots menu (on the top right, next to the X that closes the dev tools) and then click 'more tools' --> 'Remote devices'. From there you can inspect what you see on your device.

Similar methods exist for other browsers.


There is this one recently released, focuses on features for developers. You can visually inspect elements: Dev Browser.

From its description,

Inspect web elements

  • Inspect and edit individual web elements and their attributes with the built-in web inspector

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