Take Google Pixel as example. I managed to do a full APSO+kernel build and the resulting binaries is located at out/target/product/marlin as the following:

ramdisk.img <-- I believe this is part of boot.img?
ramdisk-recovery.img <-- I believe this is part of boot.img?

Question 1: If I perform a fastboot -w flashall which of the binaries will be flashed into a phone?

Furthermore, when i inspect the factory image I found the following files:

image-marlin-nde63j.zip <--- contain basically all images from build plus many more

Question 2: Looking at the factory image, is obvious not all images can be obtained by build. I will assume that bootloader and radio are close source, and many more in the zip files such as modem.img, keymaster.img ...etc, are there any documents regarding to all these images?

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