I started finding these logs on my phone a few weeks ago and didn't think much about it until my phone started acting weird. Somehow, it's been added to a network, and has listed me as the user. Is that possible for someone to do?

What scares me is I have know idea who the "admin" is and the log files say there collecting data. I've tried calling my phone carrier and the phone manufacturer and they were no help. Has someone hacked my phone or am I just losing my mind? And how do I get rid of it, if I am?



Well it is probably a microsoft OneDrive/SkyDrive log due the log has some upload/download options and the name often appears.

for example: com.microsoft.authorization.x cached valid token available for service::ssl.live.com

You maybe logged in that network once and your smartphone rememberd.
Where did you find it?

But hackers usually dont leave logs because that would make the target distrustful.

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