I recently got into an issue with my Moto z play screen lock. Pressing the power button doesn't lock the screen. I have enabled pattern lock option for screen lock. But still only after booting up it asks for the pattern. But later on when I lock the screen by pressing power button , I can unlock by just swiping the screen. Anyone knows what's the issue?


It could be (depending on your Android version) there is an extra option called

powerbutton locks immediately

if that is not selected it could be the problem. You could crawl the security settings for more options.

  • power button instantly locks this option I have already enabled – user3339689 Sep 9 '17 at 10:46

It was be because of the Google smart-lock feature. The on-body detection was on in settings->security->smart lock . I Turned off the on-body detection and its fine now

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