Is there a way to disable telephone control (answer call, call) from Bluetooth headphones? I just want to listen to music.

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Go to Setting - Bluetooth and find your headphone device in the list and press the settings gear next to it. Uncheck Phone Audio or similar entries related to phone/telephone (may vary by Android version or OEM).

  • On my Samsung S9+ Android 10 phone the two setting options are "Calls" and "Audio". Disabling Calls disables all phone functions through the headphones, including I no longer hear phone call audio during a call through the headset. Which satisfies the question, I'm just pointing out that it does more than just disable phone controls. Also even when this setting is disabled my headphones still announces "redialing" if I accidentally double-tap the button, but it doesn't actually do anything. Other than giving me a scare whenever it happens. Commented May 20 at 14:04
  • One other point, the instructions in this answer must be done while the headphones are currently connected. At other times it shows both "Calls" and "Audio" turned off for the device even if you use the headphones for those functions. You can even see the sliders move if you are in the setting screen for that device and then power off the headphones, the sliders move to the left. Commented May 21 at 13:27

Go to Settings, Accessibility, Answering and ending calls. Turn off the setting that automatically connects when you have headphones in.

  • On my Android 10 phone the full path is "Settings/ Accessibility/ Interaction and dexterity/ Answering and ending calls. However the only option there related to disabling phone functions is "Answer automatically". This only stops it from answering calls automatically, it does not disable other phone functions. On my phone this setting was disabled by default which I assume is the typical default. Commented May 20 at 13:53

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