I've got an old Sony Xperia Z running Cyanogenmod which is pretty unstable.

I'd like to remove Cyanogenmod & do a factory reset to the default Sony Xperia Z ROM. It doesn't need to do much - just run Spotify & Google Maps in our car.

However flashing a Sony Phone with a factory ROM requires a special tool (FlashTool) & a special file format (FTF).

Running FlashTool on Ubuntu 16.04 my phone connects in flash mode, but then reboots into Cyanogenmod after the "Preparing the files for flashing" step. I had assumed this was something to do with Cyanogenmod.

INFO  - Device connected in flash mode
INFO  - Selected Bundle for Sony Xperia Z(C6603). FW release : 10.5.A.0.230. Customization : C6603_1270-4066
INFO  - Preparing files for flashing
INFO  - Device disconnected

How do remove Cyanogenmod from a Sony Xperia Z & restore it to it's factory ROM?

If that isn't possible what can I replace Cyanogenmod with?


There's no such thing as "CM bootloader" - a CM installation only writes a new /boot (kernel) and /system.

Since you are explicitly looking to return to stock, FlashTool is still your best bet. Find the latest stock ROM for your variant and region using XperiFirm, generate a .ftf format file with what you downloaded using Flashtool with the guide here, then flash away.

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  • Sorry, I think I'm getting confused between the bootloader & Cyanogenmod recovery. When I use Flashtool & try to flash it the phone reboots, which I thought was Cyanogenmod behaviour. – BaronGrivet Sep 12 '17 at 20:49
  • Did you actually put the phone into download mode as per Flashtool instructions? – Andy Yan Sep 13 '17 at 1:41
  • I finally succeeded by using Windows 10 + "Emma" the Sony Flash Tool. It was super easy. So I'll put my previous issues down to Ubuntu rather than phone weirdness. – BaronGrivet Sep 16 '17 at 1:10
  • Didn't even see you were using Ubuntu... Another reason why I always tinker with my phones under WIndows. – Andy Yan Sep 16 '17 at 1:11

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