Running Chrome 60.0.3112.116 on Android 7.1.1 I tried to remove all cookies from the browser using the Clear Data button provided in Advanced tab of Chrome's Privacy Settings (selected All Time to make sure to delete all stored cookies).

However, the cookies section in the Advanced tab showed about 30 cookies before clicking on Clear Data and I had 23 left after deleting the cookies. Since some cookies can be deleted while the browser closes I quit Chrome and went back to Settings, giving me the same 23 cookies left.

I am a bit surprised about that fact since I thought clearing all data actually means that all stored data (including all cookies) is being removed, which in fact obviously does not seem to be true.

Since I am using Google News App and allowed to open web content inside the GMail App I think those 23 left cookies might come from those two apps since those apps should be based upon the system-built-in version of Chrome, but I am not sure and unable to proof this assumption.

In order to make sure that this is not a somehow other related problem, I went to Apps of Android Settings and cleared Chrome's cache which does not result in any changes. However, Clear All Data via the Manage Space option does delete the cookies hence resetting Chrome to its initial state.

Is there any way to really remove all cookies from Chrome without resetting Chrome via Android Settings as described above? Do you have any suggestions where those 'additional' cookies come from?

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