How do I create a symlink from my /sdcard/NaviSEA to point to /sdcard/external_sd/SD/NaviSEA?

Even after rooting my device I still get "Operation not permitted" error and I did allow with su in my script :

$ su
# ln -s /sdcard/external_sd/SD/NaviSEA /sdcard/NaviSEA

Why doesn't my script work?


Your external SD card is presumably (in pretty much every case) formatted as a FAT32 filesystem. FAT32 does not support symbolic links. Linking from a ext2/3/4 filesystem to a FAT32 filesystem would work, IIRC, but linking from FAT32 isn't possible.

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It seems like /sdcard is FUSE fs "link" for /data/media.

Try this:

ln -s /data/media/external_sd/SD/NaviSEA /data/media/NaviSEA

(I don't know what "external_sd" means on your device, but if this an external SD card you still can get errors.)

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