I have unlocked my H870 and installed custom ROM (LineageOS 14.1), but the ROM was missing some features that I require. So I want to install stock ROM and lock it down again, I need a mobile devices that works until LineageOS implements the necessary functions.

But I have had a hard time to locate the correct firmware. The phone is bought in Norway, my Baseband version is: MPSS.TH.2.0.1.c3.1-00014-M8996FAAAANAZM-1.86009.211.

When I try to search for firmware on LG's own site http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/csmg/b2c/client/auth_model_check2.jsp?esn=XXXX where XXXX is the IMEI, I get this:

<response req_cmd="auth_model_check" status="OK">

Someone told me that I should install H87010t_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0726.kdz and another person recommended H87010t_00_P4P_PL_OP_0803.kdz, but I have hardtime to accept his recommendation since H87010t_00_P4P_PL_OP_0803.kdz is firmware for Poland, and my H870 is bought in norway from a norwegian reseller.

Can I install H87010t_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0726.kdz on my G6 H870 or do I need another firmware version?

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