I have a weekly payment cycle for mobile data. The data usage settings are limited to a monthly billing cycle and data warning. What can I do to monitor data usage on a weekly cycle?

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Withe the App MyDataManager it is possible to monitor mobile data usage in 4 ways :

  1. Monthly
  2. Weekly
  3. Daily
  4. Custom

Hope this will help.


Alternatively you could achieve the same with 3g Watchdog, giving a breakdown usage history per day/week etc.

screenshot of 3g watchdog

Additionally extra alerts, for switching mobile data automatically add soon as it exceed allocation


If you have the Xposed Framework installed, install the Advanced Data Plan module.

This enhances Android's built in data usage meter with a system where you can set the number of days between billing cycles.

GitHub repo

XDA thread

screenshot showing options to set data billing cycle and cycle length in days

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