I recently damaged the screen on my phone and am sending it in for repair. The repair shop I am using wants to be able to access certain features of the device, like the camera, Wi-Fi, etc, in order to test that they still work properly after the repair is complete. I'd like to give them this option without granting them full access to all the data on my phone, and without having to perform a factory reset, so I created a new user account for the repair shop to use.

Unfortunately, while performing the repair the repair shop will need to power the phone down, and here's where I run into a problem. After rebooting my phone, the lock screen for my main user account appears showing the message "Unlock for all features and data.", and doesn't allow switching to the repair shop's account until after the device is unlocked. You can see the repair shop's user account in the settings pulldown menu, but it is greyed out and tapping it does nothing. This defeats the purpose of having a separate account, as it seems my main account's password is required in order to access the repair shop's account.

I am using a Google Pixel, and disk encryption is enabled. (As it is by default.) Note that the Pixel uses file-based encryption, so in theory it should be possible for different users to use different decryption keys for their files. (Though I have no idea if that's possible in practice, which is why I'm asking this question.)

Is there a way to allow other user accounts to access my device after a reboot?

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