I tried opening TWRP recovery but the phone turned off and then a splash screen appears and then turns off again (repeat). adb and fastboot are not recognising my device. But when i connect it to PC it makes a sound. My device is Intex aqua power hd.


Did the brick occur after performing a particular operation?

It's possible to acces the recovery menu to perform a Hard Reset of your device? (here how you can access it from your phone model).

If not, another way to reset your phone is using a third-party pc software like SPFlashTool or Odin to manually flash the original firmware. You can retrieve your firmware on websites like this.

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  • Actually my phone gets connected then disconnected to pc and it repeats. So i can't get to do ANYHING in it.Its jst a switch off screen and then a splash screen and again same. – Rishav Sep 22 '17 at 13:04
  • You can't even access recovery mode with the posted procedure? Turn off your phone, disconnect any USB cable, hold Vol Up + Home buttons till Boot Mode shows up. This can be done even when the phone is in Bootloop, just be sure to follow the procedure on the website. – TechSech Sep 23 '17 at 11:54
  • My phones` screen has just gone black..with no operations able to perform. – Rishav Sep 23 '17 at 14:33

Do you really want to flash a custom firmware in your phone or just back your phone again?

I need some answers about your phone..

1. Is your phone was rooted and then you tried custom recovery ? or its bricked before rooting? If your phone is rooted then you can try to flash a custom rom for you phone . If its nor hard bricked then your phone will be okey ..

2.If your phone is not rooted or it's hard bricked then you have to flash your android phone using a stock firmware . As its a MediaTek processor phone its very easy to flash your phone .

You will need your device driver ,stock firmware and sp flash tool .check the link Download link

Then you can check Youtube or google how to flash a mediatek phone or you can your your phone model then it will be okey.

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