How can I completely remove the magazine unlock that comes with Android 7.0 (nougat) on a huawei P9. I want my phone to go directly to the pattern unlock screen and not show the magazine unlock.

I am willing to root the phone if required to delete/replace this screen.

I am running build EVA-L09C432B386 and have TWRP recovery installed.

  • FYI I fixed this problem myself, but I have no idea how. Not much help I know! – rolls Feb 18 at 23:31
  1. From your device’s Settings, tap Screen lock & password > Magazine unlock.
  2. Turn off ‘Auto-update via Wi-Fi’

Found it in this link: http://webcazine.com/forums/honor-8-how-to-turn-off-wallpaper-updates/


The earlier answer didnt work for me. What I ended up doing was on my lock screen, I swiped up from the bottom to access the lock screen settings. Under "Subscriptions", I unsubscribed from all subscriptions, turned off the auto-update AND turned on the option to delete all old cover pictures, just to be thorough.

Then I went back to my lock screen, swiped up again and accessed "Covers", and I deleted all of them.

Hope this helps someone. I was getting pretty frustrated in trying to figure this out.

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