I have recently decided to unlock the bootloader of my BLU Studio X8 HD. I have first installed the ADB drivers and afterwards I have used the command adb reboot bootloader to boot the device into the bootloader. This was the only way to boot the device into the bootloader, PWD + Vol. UP goes to recovery, PWD + Vol. DOWN goes to factory mode (which contains a bunch of hardware-based tests), and PWD + Vol. UP + Vol. DOWN does nothing.

Afterwards, I ran fastboot oem unlock which displayed the Are you sure that you want to unlock the bootloader on your phone? screen on my phone. Vol. UP is yes and Vol. DOWN is no. I clicked both of the buttons and there was no response in the terminal or on my phone. I even pressed the PWD button after each time I pressed either of the volume keys.

I need help with unlocking the bootloader.

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