The bottom half inch of my phone screen isn't working. Before I factory reset I got around the issue by using the adb command

adb shell wm overscan 0,0,0,200

I have twrp installed but when I try to use that command I get an error

/sbin/sh: wm: not found

The device does show up in adb devices

Things I did after this:

  • try same command with different phone and it worked
  • Reflash ROM
  • Accidentally delete OS
  • Reflash OS
  • try again with same error

The device is a OnePlus One

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From what I've found there are certain adb commands which do not work in recovery mode. adb shell wm commands are among those.

When I tried this on the other phone it was with it open to the main launcher with adb enabled through the settings.

For anyone else with a similar issue, I believe the only solution is to get a usb to micro usb converter and connect a mouse to your device for the set up, and then enable adb through the settings.

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