WhatsApp notifications I receive only show a summary such as "3 messages from 2 chats" instead of individual notifications for each message.


WhatsApp does not send separate notifications for each chat. To see a summary of what's written, you can drag the actual notification box down, (or do a zoom in gesture on the notification) to see what's written

  • I think what OP wants is to expand that notification from WhatsApp I believe he wants to read messages without going into the app – Manubhargav Oct 28 '17 at 12:09
  • On my Galaxy s5 pulling down on the notification box will do the same zoom in motion in other phones.i just didn't know it was different by others. – aBochur Oct 29 '17 at 1:48

Yes WhatsApp DOES send separate notifications for each chat! I also had that problem with MIUI before I flashed LOS. Maybe you can find some options in WA or System-Options to show full notifications but I highly doubt it. If it won't work for you you can put the WhatsApp-Widget on your screen which will show the newest unread messages (up to 100 ones).

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