I used to use cyanogenmod 13 on my nexus 5, i had the encryption enabled and it would ask me for my passcode at boot and i could not access any data from anything until i did this.

I've now updated to latest version of liniageOS and recently noticed i am not having to enter this passcode at all, and that while the UI in the setting says i am encrypted, this is false information as i can access any data on my device either from recovery or from adb via usb. I try to tap on the area where it says encrypted so i can re-encrypt it and it just does nothing.

I have herd about the massive bug/back door google have caused relating to accessibility features, however under accessibility i have the accessibility services for lastpass and comodo etc turned OFF, the only option on this page enabled is screen auto-rotate.

How can i encrypt my phone with this ROM, or can i not and i should ditch it ASAP and get a more security centric one? If so what would be recommended?

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Most probably, you have default encryption where the password is default_password. You need root privilege for ADB.

Issue command in shell:

adb root
adb shell vdc cryptfs verifypw default

to check that.

You can always change the encryption password from UI and require that password at boot (preboot authentication) or much secure, define different lock screen && encryption passwords

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