I'm new in android. I was planning to create a Video streaming mobile to mobile in the same wifi connnection but i don't know how to start. I've read about the RTP/RTSP/UDP for streaming video and some sources but I cant follow the process at all. Can someone explain to me how to send or broadcast a video playing in android device then send the data in a server? So that it can be access in like "rtsp//: something like that so that the other device can view it. Sorry for the small info


There are two things involved in this. 1. Implementation of RTSP 2. Converting android camera output into RTSP source.

I could not find any open implementation while I was searching for it almost 6 months back. Here is the one which worked for me with little tuning. But you have to clone the repo and work on it directly to get it working https://github.com/mutaphore/RTSP-Client-Server

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