I downloaded this droidexplorer-master zip from some github or something site because the droidexplorer site said to go there for latest updated version... now how do I install it? I can't seem to locate any setup.exe... I am using windows 10 pro

  • 1) Please make clear the question's relationship with Android; 2) the suffix -master.zip means you downloaded a package of the source tree, which needs to be compiled locally. If that's not what you want, look for a compiled version elsewhere. – Andy Yan Oct 1 '17 at 0:57

zip files are usually* installed using a custom recovery. Go search for TWRP or CWM for your device. *To be sure, we need to know the content of the zip file.

But I don't think this is what you want. You should search for droidexplorer on Google Play or other markets.

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From the instructions on the GitHub page, "Make sure you have Java 1.8 u40 or higher. Double click the run.bat to build the project. Once the build is finished, press any key to open Droid-Explorer."

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