I need to setup an android device for work. I've never done this before (for a work environment), so I was wondering: is there a way to use the playstore (the new owner will probably need whatsapp and other apps) without a google account?

Should I make a new google account for every device?

We don't use gsuite.

  • Aurora store might be what you are looking for. You can download apps without being signed in (guest) Check it out.
    – fady
    May 10 at 23:32

To connect to play store you need a google account. But you need not have separate accounts for each and every device. You can connect to many devices from one account. In this case all you have to do is logout from your account and tell the other user to connect with his/her account. Then the user will be able to use whats-app etc.


You must need to sign in to your google account. Is it already signed in to other device or not it doesn't matter.

But you can download applications from other websites. For example I am providing you WhatsApp's download link below


The base URL is



Check out the app Aurora. It's like the play store but better for your use case.

I use it for android 6 install on a tinker-board

You can even install apps as a guest (no account required)


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