So recently I got a new phone, Symphony Z9 and tried many methods for rooting it and everything failed. But I don't know much so I was hoping someone could point me to something. Here's my device details:

  1. Android 7
  2. Mediatek Processor
  3. MT6750 or MT6755(When I connect it to MTK Droid Tools, it says 6750, but there are files like "fstab.mt6755" and "ueventd.mt6755.rc" inside the stock ROM which I downloaded from needrom.com
  4. I've unlocked the bootloader.

Here's what I've tried so far:

  1. No luck with One-click apk/exe
  2. Tried "insecure-boot" image, adb can't get root
  3. Tried "SuperR Kitchen" and root the system.img, but device gets stuck at something like "Checking Info....." just after boot.
  4. Tried to mod TWRP by replacing recovery kernel and some other files(followed some tutorials). After booting into recovery, touch don't work. So couldn't flash anything.

So now If anyone could give me some directions it would be great.

  • where you find that twrp give me that link – salehijn Nov 19 '17 at 13:04

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