i was wondering if we could flash/install an app through custom recovery like we do with gapps and other stuff.

The thing is that I wanted to have an app as system app without rooting it. So I came up with an idea to flash it via recovery but the thing is that I don't know whether it will work or not?

If not then is there any another way to make an app as system app without rooting.


Yes, it is definitely possible and is done many times. The method to do so is in this article.

Briefly, the main steps from the provided link are following -

  1. Download any similar zip template
  2. Extract it 2 folders will be there - META-INF & system
  3. Make a folder with name app inside system folder
  4. Paste your apk files in app folder
  5. Zip META-INF & system into a file
  6. You are ready to flash !!!

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