WhatsApp has two status options shown under the name of the person in chats, namely Online and Typing.

I understand that the Online option is shown if the person is on WhatsApp at that moment.

But, what does the Typing mean? Does it mean that the person is replying specifically to me, or replying to me or someone else?


I have to admit this is an interesting question considering a variety of responses raised here:

Personally the version that deem to be more accurate is

The text “typing…” appears specifically under the name of the person sending you a message when that person starts typing a message to you

The exact instance at which it appears raises debates, but from several chat applications I've used (currently Disa), the occurence is when the keyboard appears and occasionally vanishes if no key is tapped after a few seconds.

To support this sometimes when the chat window goes out of focus, and then reopened the typing status reappears when the keyboard pops up again (with or without key press)

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    the exact instance when "typing..." shows can best be answered by WhatsApp developer team. But I agree with assumption that the when keyboard appears on sender's device is good trigger to inform other side that user is typing – AADAndroidEnthusiasts Oct 17 '17 at 22:06
  • Agreed! @AADAndroidEnthusiasts – xavier_fakerat Oct 18 '17 at 17:52

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