I recently read a lot of articles about changing the google play account but all of them are about add new and delete old one. But it doesn't suit.

I have an old oldmail@gmail.com where I have bought some apps. I also have the newmail@gmail.com which I'm using for all purposes. Now I want my apps and so on to be linked to newmail@gmail.com and being unlinked from the old one so I can remove this account at all and use all my bought applications.

Can I do it? If I can, how to?

Here is the similar issue, however, it's unanswered...

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    That's not changing the email address for an existing Google account, but changing account association for purchases you've made from one account to another. To my knowledge, not possible. AFAIK you can, however, use both accounts at the same time, configuring one of them as secondary. – Izzy Oct 16 '17 at 12:45

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