Sometimes, I cannot find new contacts that I add to Truecaller phonebook, but sometimes, I think if it shares/leaks my contacts to public. It shows other people contact details that I never added there. So I am thinking if it is doing the same to me.

Andoird: 7.1.1
Phone: Oneplus 3T


Yes! it does, when using Truecaller application or services you have already accepted their :

Truecaller - Privacy Policy

So, in this case you agree that :

Truecaller may use your personal information collected by their application to provide, maintain, improve, analyze and personalize their Services for other Users, partners and third party providers.

More specifically, Truecaller may use such information to provide names of contacts from your address book to other Trucaller users.

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Precisely. In fact, there is a plethora of evidence suggesting true caller is a privacy invader.

Just as Izzy mentioned, its clear that the phonebook databases are uploaded to their servers even without consent from the users whose data end up leaking in thier servers.

True caller uses "crowd sourcing" to get data to their servers. In this article by Shaik Sharoz, the author explains the logic behind crowd sourcing:

The thing happens in this Crowd sourcing is they collect the data from you and shows to you in return. Suppose When a user installs the true caller app in his\her mobile, After installing it all the contacts which are present in the users mobile will sync with the servers of True caller app.


This brings out a privacy issue that your name is appearing in the search results to others very openly without permission.

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Not only truecaller every app you use collect your information for which you have allowed access to them. Many reputed companies and app builders sale that information to others.

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