My ISP provides me with 1GB data per day. So the data billing cycle in Nougat would actually make more sense to me if I could somehow make it show the amount of data I've used in a day and then have it reset for the next day.

I'm using Resurrection Remix ROM 5.8.5.

Is there a way to do this?


I reckon it is difficult to adjust the billing cycle to 1 day (if possible). However you can try third-party applications such as 3G watchdog, which is much flexible in terms of adjusting billing cycles (daily/weekly/monthly or custom cycles)

For instance, you can set a daily data plan which of course expires on next day, to start a new cycle (with option to carry over any unused data to next period:

enter image description here

Additionally, there are widgets which reflect current data used, and amount left.


If you don't want to use third party app then you can do this by setting usage cycle reset date to current date and you got the track of you current day's usage also can put limit on usage but you have to change it every day manually.

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