I'd like to be able to send out occasional group text alerts via SMS blasts to a small set of people. I'd rather not use a standard group text message because I want everyone's individual number to be private. I don't want people to respond and bother everyone else on the list, so it seems like a tool that could send out several individual messages would be the right way to accomplish this need.

What options, if any, are available to accomplish this?

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    If you want recommendations for a specific app, you better ask at our sister site for software recommendations (as those are off-topic here). I'm not aware that's possible with what "stock Android" ships with. Hint: Take a look at Wishy, which seems to meet your requirements. But asking for other means (as you've just done) is of course fine here :) – Izzy Oct 24 '17 at 18:59

The Google Messages app can do most of other than process unsubscribes. Just go to settings, advanced, group messaging:

enter image description here
(click image for larger variant)

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