Okay, I think it's relevant to post this question here than stackoverflow.

I would say I am new to android development space, but not in web development space, so if you finds my question a bit newbie; well I have warned you already. ;)

I would like to create my own android application just for fun. I downloaded the latest android studio 3.0 and follow the instruction on how to create your "first app" in the https://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/creating-project.html. I believe it's just pretty straight forward.

Here's my problem comes in, I have used phone and table as the form factors.

enter image description here

And the activity, is "Add No Activity" (these are part of the steps in the android document, same link as the one above)

enter image description here

Hit next and finish.

In the project explorer panel, I supposed to see the MainActivity.java and other files like activity_main.xml that are mentioned in the documentation, but those are missing.

enter image description here

Note that I've done my initial research, but the solution doesn't work for me.




I even answered one question, but that only fix one piece of the entire pie: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27770846/android-studio-cant-see-java-directory/46945345#46945345

What am I missing here?

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After few more research and revisiting of the steps. I have noticed that it is because I've selected the wrong activity model. User fault.

For those who might also encountered this same problem, use the "empty activity" model and the "add no activity" model.

enter image description here

Outcome - Expected result:

enter image description here

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