Story time... Migrated to a new phone with Android 7.1 (manufacturer/model - Elephone/S8, I believe there aren't huge modifications to the Android) from my old UFO with Android 4.2.1 (Prestigio/5044 Duo).

Time for problems... And questions: -The old dude had three hardware sensor buttons (side/action/result - left/tap/menu; left/hold/running tabs; middle/tap/home; middle/hold/search; right/tap/back). -The 7.1 beast has one hardware sensor button (one tap - back; two taps - home; hold - running tabs) and also software on-screen buttons (left/tap/back; left/hold/running tabs; middle/tap/home; middle/hold/search; right/tap/running tabs; right/hold/multitask) So... Let's say that I opened the built-in Android browser on both phones (there are no visible differences between them). On the 4.2.1 I can access the main menu of the browser (e.g history, incognito, bookmarks; the picture below, made on the 4.2.1) by tapping the left hardware button, but on the 7.1 phone I don't have such button or function in both the software and hardware controls (or at least I didn't notice such... Pretty newbie to the newer phones) so I can't access this menu in the browser (I actually somehow once got in the menu through the three dots in the top right corner which never appeared again...). ?- How can I access the menu through the soft/hardware buttons, if it is possible and how to find the three dots...?

I didn't find any information about my questions through Google search, if I missed something, please just send me a link. enter image description here

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