Some visitors to my organisations web site are affected by this Chrome v61 bug which is reported fixed in v62.

The Wikipedia Chrome version page shows v62 was released 19 October 2017 on Android. Google Play store states Chrome current version varies by device.

Play Store on our test devices running Android 4 (Galaxy S3), 5 (J2), 6 (Nexus 5) and 7 (Huawei P10) all report Chrome v61 as being the latest available.

Is there a typical or published propagation time for Google Chrome updates ?

It's been a couple of weeks since v62 release date so we are wondering if or when these updates will be installed.

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Well there is no definite answer concerning established time for Google Chrome updates (and/or other related apps), but the general one is that it varies depending on the developers' schedule.

Of late, Chrome Chrome updates have been released on a staged rollout.

What happens here is that with a staged rollout, the update reaches only a percentage of users, and various factors are used to target such a small "audience" and may include (but not limited to):

  • device type
  • OS version
  • specific users e.g in certain selected regions
  • other criteria

Note this is different from independent developers who have no option of targeting eligible users

So it's a waiting game until the next batch of root reaches your specific device. I see you have quite a number of OS versions you mentioned but as I explained, is Google who select the eligibility criteria and it's according to their schedule.

However an alternative workaround, would be using other markets will the latest releases of Chrome 62 e.g apkmirror and sideloading it.

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