I followed the XDA guide on uninstalling bloatware, but it turns out that it only disables the app for the current user (user 0 in this case), and disabled Settings for the default user by mistake. I'm not rooted and I don't want to do a factory data reset. I ran:

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.android.settings

to remove the app for the current user.

I used the command

am switch-user User_ID

to switch from user 0 to user 1 then rebooted, but I'm still "logged in" as User 0.

When I run

pm create-user 1

I get

Error: Couldn't create User.

When I run

am switch-user 1

nothing happens.

I need to re-enable Settings for User 0. What's the command to do this, and why can't I create new users?

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