I have used Google Play Music for the first time and found it VERY annoying. Specifically after paying for an album I now find that Google demanded I subscribe for a monthly fee, which I took the free option but have now cancelled. Unfortunately it seems the music I have downloaded (at least twice now) is not available to be selected and added into my phone's playlists while offline. This is an OPTION I must have as my locations put me offline regularly. I have tried searching all the recommended places and finally tried removing download and choose the stated options of downloading music to an external source but I cannot find any option in Google Play Music under the Settings to change location. I cannot even pick a different location in the phone. This is so frustrating that it has probably killed any future purchases form Google play Music for me. I will return to I-Tunes even though I HATE Apple/Iphones! Any help is extremely appreciated

  • If you pay for the app, i believe it allows you to download music for offline, but you can't access the music outside of Google play music, cuz otherwise it would be very easy to share music ect. So they encrypt the music to only be available in the app. You can still make playlists within the app and include music from your phone. – aBochur Nov 7 '17 at 23:18

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