In the newest versions of Android, you can click and hold a suggested predictive/autocorrected word, and drag it into a bin (title "remove") to prevent it from being suggested again.

I accidentally deleted the word "I", so now when I type "i" it doesn't automatically autocorrect to "I".

Two related questions:

  1. I tried shaking my phone to undo the accidental word removal (like I would undo things on an iPhone), but it didn't do anything. Is there a way I could've undone my action immediately after it happened?

  2. Now that it's a few days after the face, how to do I add "I" back to the suggested words without having to completely erase all the things my keyboard has learned about my typing habits?


what keyboard that you use?

reset personal data on your keyboard, so your keyboard data will be reset.

Settings > Device > Language and Input > Press keyboard that you use > clear personal data

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    I use Gboard (tagged in my question). I don't want to delete all info from my keyboard (also in my question) – spacetyper Nov 11 '17 at 17:29

The solution is to type the deleted word, in your case the "I", many times in a sentence or sentences. Gboard will re-learn about it, and start suggesting it again.

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