I am new to Android "internals". I am looking for a way to change some settings on my device, just by using ADB, with debug mode enabled, without having root on my phone (warranty issues taken seriously).

The settings I am trying to change are:

  • Turn ON/OFF the unknown sources.
  • Add specified app to device administrators and remove it at any time.
  • Allow / disallow notifications for specific apps.
  • Optimize / do not optimize battery usage for specific apps.
  • Give / take screen capture permissions for specific apps.
  • Enable / disable google scan feature.

Unfortunately I am not a Java programmer, but, if there isn't a way to do the things above with adb but there is a chance to automate these tasks by using an app, I will try to do it. I just need some directions here. Thanks.


No, you cannot change device settings with ADB unless you have root.

$ adb shell

$ settings put system test_variable test_value
Error while accessing settings provider
java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denial

$ su
# settings put system test_variable test_value
# settings get system test_variable

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