I have Samsung Galaxy S8, recently the device started making sounds randomly from time to time (it sound like crow or monkey), i don't see any notification and I can't find the app source for it.

it is not the NFC or the notification reminder both are turned off.

is there a log that tell us which app played sound? any other ideas?

  • Did you recently install an app? Maybe it's that.
    – user186920
    Nov 13, 2017 at 23:35

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the problem was a weather application with a widget. it didn't display any notification

so I enabled USB debugging on my device, connected it to the computer and started monitor the log (logcat) using SDK Device Monitor (I used what I have from Visual Studio 2017) I discover that once i here the sound, there is some app that use the MediaPlayer I got it PID and using running ps on adb shell I was able to detect the app.

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