Running a rooted Galaxy S2 with ICS XXLP2 official leaked rooted build. I have a 32GB microSD card mounted at /sdcard/external_sd in addition to the 16 GB internal storage. I'm unable to copy files to it now, it says write error or permission error. I use a terminal emulator to create a file

touch /sdcard/external_sd/test

and this works fine. If I use a file manager (ES File Explorer, which supports browsing / on rooted devices), I can't copy files from internal storage to the external SD card. Also, earlier I used the external card as the camera photo storage location, now I can't do so and the camera defaults to internal storage (which is low on space).

If I do an ls -l of both sdcard and external_sd, I see the difference - sdcard has all files listed as belonging to sdcard_r, while external sd lists them as '1023'. So is this a leftover UID from a previous ROM install?

I'm scared to do

chown -R sdcard_r:system /sdcard/external_sd

Is that the way to go about it..or is there any other way to fix permissions?

  • So your ls -l should also have revealed the permissions, next to the owner. Here the last 6 fields should read r-wr-w for an SD-card (at least as long it's formatted using FAT). Is this so? Otherwise, simply adjust that permits everybody to read and write here. – Izzy Aug 5 '12 at 19:46

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