I have not enough free space on my Moto X, so I want to free up some space in data partition used by system apps bloatware. For example, disabled Slides with uninstalled updates still consumes 31 MB of space (App=Total storage usage, not data). 27 MB of it is OAT file in /data/dalvik-cache folder. I'm trying to delete that file in way that does not trigger its recreation by ART on next boot. But even replacing OAT file with blank file triggers recompilation. And using pm uninstall --user 0 command also didn't help.

And I have no idea, what is remaining 4 MB.

I have rooted, but locked Android 5.1 device (and unable to unlock – AT&T Moto X). Xposed FW installed.

Does exist way to delete permanently these OAT files of unused system apps? Best thing occurred to me is that I can delete these files by script after every start, but it would mean huge penalization of boot time every boot.

Thanks for response.

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