I use my Android TV Box as wi-fi hotspot.

Users  --wi-fi-->  TV Box  --lan-->  Internet

However, wi-fi hotspot limits max 10 wi-fi connections.

For rooted Android device, can we increase this maximum number of connections?

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    Tl;Dr: Install a custom ROM without this limit... but you won't get far. The antennas/gain/radio combos are not optimized for this. And the phones don't support helpful WiFi features like muMiMO. My OP6T will only do 7mbps 2.4G hotspots, but will happily do a real 100mbps hotspot on 5Ghz... the reception is poor though.
    – Ray Foss
    Dec 20 '19 at 15:10

I have been researching about this for some time now, but I have to admit that I failed to get substantive information on the subject.

However I have come to a conclusion, that this setting is hardcoded and difficult to manipulate (perhaps even with root), unless you're compiling a customised ROM from scratch with such modifications.

It may be a restriction by manufacturers perhaps the feasibility based on factors like wi-fi chip capability, CPU power, battery etc (from my observations this limit ranges from 8-12 varying with devices)

The are some workarounds I propose, depending on what you're trying to achieve you could either;

  • set your Android device as a wi-fi repeater
  • or first share you device's internet connect to a desktop/laptop PC preferably via USB connection (i.e USB tethering if possible) or other means then reverse-tether that connection to other clients from desktop/laptop.

  1. Using Android device as wi-fi repeater

    • It is possible to use the android device as wi-fi repeater, through various methods most of which you can find here: Can we use an Android phone as a Wi-Fi repeater?
    • The consequence is that you can make use of the second Access Point, to have other clients connect to the internet via a wi-fi AP broadcasted from the primary device.

Nb: Watch out from battery drain and heavy resources consumption

Option 2.

  • This concept is an indirect method which may demand other pre-requisites i.e a desktop/laptop PC other third-party software for hotspot share (may be freeware or shareware)
  • Here you need the android device to have its internet connectivity shared to the primary device (i.e PC) first, then the desktop (which is much more capable of accomodating a much larger number of clients than android device) can then share to other clients.

Some of the appropiate methods have been described here: Share WIFI over USB and around the internet.


You can check this thread on XDA with a similar question: [MOD] Increase Max Users for Wi-Fi Tethering LG G2 LS980 [NON SPRINT ACTIVATED]

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